Each of the artist’s works are unique, with no two designs alike. These ‘kisvei kodesh,’ or holy works of art, are certified kosher, hand-crafted with the historic Medieval technique of illumination. The manuscripts employ rich colors, delicate calligraphy, and artistic detail. Only the highest quality parchments and instruments are used. Every piece of art is an original, with no two designs repeated. The customer can order an exclusive design with the lustrous colors, size and artwork of his/her choice.

The enclosed gallery contains samples of the masterpieces created for many satisfied customers across the globe, along with several of the limitless possibilities available. The manuscripts make priceless gifts for a bar-bat mitzvah, wedding gift, or to enhance your home with magnificent Judaica artwork. Kesubos, or marriage contracts, are also available, crafted in a splendid design.

Every stage of the drawing process is completed by hand, a laborious process that takes several weeks or months. The result is a manuscript to treasure, a heirloom to be passed down for generations.

There are a limited number of lithographs and giclee prints available. These are limited edition reproductions of the original manuscripts. See gallery for availability.

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