Rabbi Eliezer Reiner is an acclaimed Sofer Stam, a professional scribe, certified by Vaad Mishmeres Stam, the world-renowned organization. Rabbi Reiner writes kosher Sifrei Torah, (Torah scrolls), Tefillin and Mezuzos.

Born in Budapest, Hungary, to a family with a long tradition in printing and art, Rabbi Reiner has resided in Belgium and France, and now lives in New York. For the past two decades, he has perfected a special technique, using the ancient art of hand-crafted manuscript illumination. The artist's creative, inspiring works are all delicately executed on parchment, customized according to preference. Choice of materials include oil paintings, gold leaf, delicate drawings, special designs and paper cuts.

The artist's work is displayed in countless galleries, private collections, and institutions across the world.

Click here to read an article about the author published in Jewish Week (3/4/2004)


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